10 Top Tech Companies in Belgium: Discover the Best Innovators in the Industry

Best Tech Companies Belgium

Looking for the best tech companies in Belgium? Check out our list of top-notch tech companies that are leading the way in innovation and technology.

Belgium, a country known for its picturesque landscapes and rich cultural heritage, is also home to some of the best tech companies in the world. From innovative startups to established industry leaders, Belgium’s technology sector has been thriving in recent years. Transitioning seamlessly into the digital age, these companies have been at the forefront of technological advancements, offering cutting-edge solutions and pushing the boundaries of what is possible. With a strong focus on research and development, these tech companies are driving innovation, not only within the country but also on a global scale. In this article, we will explore some of the best tech companies that Belgium has to offer, highlighting their contributions to various industries and their impact on the global tech landscape.



Belgium is known for its strong presence in the tech industry, housing several top-notch companies that have made a significant impact on the global stage. These companies have consistently demonstrated their prowess in innovation, research and development, and cutting-edge technologies. In this article, we will explore some of the best tech companies in Belgium and highlight their contributions to the industry.




Barco is a Belgian multinational technology company that specializes in visualizations and collaboration solutions. Founded in 1934, the company has become a global leader in the field of professional visualization, offering innovative products such as projectors, display systems, and video walls. Barco’s advanced technologies are widely used in various industries, including healthcare, entertainment, and defense.

Contributions and Achievements

Barco has brought numerous groundbreaking innovations to the tech industry. Their high-resolution display systems have revolutionized the way professionals visualize information, leading to enhanced decision-making processes. The company has received accolades for its cutting-edge products, including prestigious awards such as the Red Dot Design Award and the Technology & Engineering Emmy Award.




imec is a renowned research and innovation hub in Belgium, specializing in nanoelectronics and digital technology. Established in 1984, imec has become a global leader in the development of microchips, sensors, and other advanced technologies. The organization collaborates with industry partners, universities, and research institutes to drive technological advancements and create solutions for societal challenges.

Contributions and Achievements

imec’s contributions to the tech industry are widespread and significant. The organization has played a crucial role in the development of advanced semiconductor technologies, enabling smaller, faster, and more energy-efficient electronic devices. imec’s groundbreaking research has led to numerous patents and scientific publications, solidifying its reputation as a pioneer in the field of nanoelectronics.




Proximus is a leading Belgian telecommunications company that provides a wide range of services, including mobile, internet, and television. With a history dating back to the 19th century, Proximus has continuously evolved to meet the ever-changing demands of the digital era. The company is committed to delivering seamless connectivity and innovative solutions to both businesses and consumers.

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Contributions and Achievements

Proximus has been at the forefront of driving technological advancements in Belgium’s telecommunications sector. The company has invested heavily in expanding its network infrastructure, ensuring high-speed internet access across the country. Proximus has also been actively involved in promoting digital inclusion and sustainability through various initiatives, fostering a more connected and environmentally conscious society.




Collibra is a Belgian software company that specializes in data governance and cataloging solutions. Founded in 2008, Collibra’s platform enables organizations to manage and utilize their data effectively, ensuring data quality, privacy, and compliance. The company’s innovative solutions have gained significant recognition in the global market, with a strong customer base spanning various industries.

Contributions and Achievements

Collibra’s contributions to the tech industry lie in its ability to empower organizations to make data-driven decisions. The company’s data governance platform has revolutionized the way businesses manage and leverage their data assets, promoting transparency, collaboration, and compliance. Collibra has been recognized as a leader in the data governance market by prominent industry analysts.


Belgium boasts a thriving tech industry, with companies like Barco, imec, Proximus, and Collibra leading the way in innovation, research, and development. These companies have not only made significant contributions to the global tech landscape but have also put Belgium on the map as a hub for technological advancements. With their relentless pursuit of excellence, these best tech companies in Belgium continue to shape the future of the industry and inspire new generations of innovators.

Introduction to the Belgian Tech Industry

In recent years, Belgium has emerged as a thriving hub for technology companies, attracting both domestic and international players. This article explores some of the best tech companies in Belgium that have significantly contributed to the country’s technological advancements and economic growth.

Barco: Driving Innovation in Visual Solutions

Barco, a Belgian multinational company, specializes in developing and manufacturing visual technology solutions. With a strong focus on advanced imaging and visualization, Barco has successfully penetrated global markets by delivering cutting-edge products like large-format displays, projectors, and healthcare imaging systems.

Umicore: Pioneering Sustainable Solutions through Materials Technology

Umicore, renowned for its expertise in materials technology, is committed to developing sustainable solutions for various industries. The company has made significant contributions to clean mobility, recycling, and clean air technologies, positioning itself at the forefront of the global sustainability movement.

Proximus: Leading the Digital Transformation in Telecommunications

Proximus, Belgium’s leading telecommunications company, has played a pivotal role in the digital transformation of the country. Through its innovative products and services, Proximus aims to connect people, businesses, and things, driving the adoption of advanced digital technologies and bridging the digital divide.

Baracoda: Empowering Mobile Data Collection and Automation

Baracoda, a Belgian tech company specializing in mobile data collection and automation solutions, has gained recognition for its innovative products and commitment to customer satisfaction. With a focus on enhancing productivity and optimizing data-driven processes, Baracoda has secured a prominent position in the global tech market.

Collibra: Revolutionizing Data Governance and Management

Collibra, a Belgian-founded company, has revolutionized the way organizations manage and govern their data. Through its data intelligence platform, Collibra enables businesses to extract meaningful insights from their data, ensuring compliance, security, and improved decision-making processes.

Van de Velde: Innovation in the Fashion Industry

Van de Velde, a Belgian fashion and lingerie company, has embraced technology to drive innovation in the fashion industry. Through the integration of advanced manufacturing techniques and digital solutions, Van de Velde has enhanced its product offerings, customer experience, and sustainability practices.

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Showpad: Elevating Sales Enablement with Advanced Technology

Showpad, a rapidly growing Belgian tech company, specializes in providing sales enablement solutions. By leveraging artificial intelligence and data analytics, Showpad empowers sales teams to deliver personalized and impactful sales experiences, revolutionizing the way organizations boost their revenue generation capabilities.

Agfa-Gevaert: Transforming Imaging and Healthcare Technologies

Agfa-Gevaert, a leading Belgian multinational company, has been instrumental in transforming the global imaging and healthcare technologies landscape. With a focus on digital solutions, including radiology and IT systems, Agfa-Gevaert has significantly contributed to advancements in medical imaging and healthcare delivery.

Materialise: Leading the Way in Additive Manufacturing

Materialise, a Belgian pioneer in additive manufacturing and 3D printing, has established itself as a global leader in this transformative field. With a focus on creating innovative solutions for a wide range of industries, Materialise has propelled Belgium’s reputation as a center for advanced manufacturing technologies.

These ten subheadings highlight prominent tech companies in Belgium across various industries, showcasing their contributions to technological advancement, innovation, and economic growth in the country.

Belgium is known for its rich history, stunning architecture, and delicious chocolate. However, it is also home to some of the best tech companies in the world. These companies have not only revolutionized the tech industry but have also contributed significantly to the country’s economy and global competitiveness.

One of the best tech companies in Belgium is Barco. Founded in 1934, Barco has become a global leader in visualization and collaboration technology. It specializes in developing innovative solutions for various industries such as entertainment, healthcare, and enterprise. With its cutting-edge products and commitment to quality, Barco has established itself as a trusted brand worldwide.

  1. Another prominent tech company in Belgium is Materialise. Established in 1990, Materialise is a pioneer in 3D printing and additive manufacturing. It offers a wide range of services, including software solutions, medical devices, and prototyping. Materialise has played a crucial role in advancing the field of 3D printing, making it more accessible and efficient for industries and individuals alike.
  2. Umicore, a materials technology group, is also among the best tech companies in Belgium. It focuses on developing sustainable solutions for various industries, including automotive, electronics, and energy. Umicore’s expertise lies in areas such as clean mobility, recycling, and renewable energy applications. Through its innovative approach, Umicore has positioned itself as a leader in sustainable technology.
  3. One of the most notable tech companies in Belgium is Proximus. It is the leading telecommunications provider in the country, offering a wide range of services, including mobile, internet, and television. Proximus constantly invests in research and development to provide its customers with the latest technological advancements. With its extensive network infrastructure and commitment to customer satisfaction, Proximus has become an integral part of Belgium’s digital landscape.

Overall, the best tech companies in Belgium have made significant contributions to the tech industry on a global scale. These companies have not only developed innovative solutions but have also excelled in areas such as sustainability, collaboration, and telecommunications. Through their continuous efforts, they have cemented Belgium’s position as a hub for technological advancements and have set high standards for the industry as a whole.

Thank you for visiting our blog on the best tech companies in Belgium. Throughout this article, we have explored some of the leading technology companies and their contributions to Belgium’s tech industry. From innovative startups to established giants, Belgium is home to a vibrant and thriving tech ecosystem.

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Firstly, we discussed the importance of the tech industry in Belgium and how it has become a major driver of economic growth and innovation. The country’s strategic location, highly skilled workforce, and supportive government initiatives have created a favorable environment for tech companies to flourish. As a result, Belgium has attracted several global tech giants, including Google, Microsoft, and IBM, who have set up their headquarters or research centers in the country.

Next, we delved into some of the top tech companies operating in Belgium. We highlighted their areas of expertise, such as software development, cybersecurity, fintech, and e-commerce. Companies like Barco, Collibra, and Materialise have made significant contributions to their respective fields, pushing boundaries and setting new standards for technological advancements. These companies have not only excelled in terms of innovation but also in creating job opportunities and driving economic growth in Belgium.

In conclusion, Belgium’s tech industry is thriving, thanks to the presence of various innovative and forward-thinking companies. The country’s commitment to fostering a supportive ecosystem for tech companies, combined with its talented workforce, has positioned it as a hub for technological advancements. Whether you are a tech enthusiast, an aspiring entrepreneur, or someone interested in the latest advancements, Belgium is undoubtedly a great place to explore and be part of the ever-evolving tech landscape. We hope this article has provided valuable insights into some of the best tech companies in Belgium and sparked your curiosity to delve deeper into this exciting industry.

People also ask about the best tech companies in Belgium:

  1. Which are the top tech companies in Belgium?

    In Belgium, some of the top tech companies include:

    • SAS
    • Barco
    • Proximus
    • Besix
    • Materialise
    • IMEC
    • Umicore
    • Collibra
    • Clear2Pay
    • Awingu
  2. What is the reputation of tech companies in Belgium?

    Tech companies in Belgium have a strong reputation for innovation and expertise in various industries. They are known for their cutting-edge technology solutions, research and development capabilities, and contributions to the global tech ecosystem. Many Belgian tech companies have gained international recognition for their products and services.

  3. What are the employment opportunities in the tech sector in Belgium?

    The tech sector in Belgium offers a wide range of employment opportunities. With a thriving tech ecosystem, there is a demand for skilled professionals in areas such as software development, data analytics, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, and digital marketing. Tech companies in Belgium often provide competitive salaries and benefits to attract and retain top talent.

  4. How can I find job openings at tech companies in Belgium?

    To find job openings at tech companies in Belgium, you can utilize various resources:

    • Online job portals and career websites
    • Professional networking platforms like LinkedIn
    • Company websites of tech companies in Belgium
    • Attending job fairs and tech conferences
    • Contacting recruitment agencies specialized in the tech sector
  5. What are the benefits of working for tech companies in Belgium?

    Working for tech companies in Belgium can offer several benefits:

    • Opportunities to work with cutting-edge technologies
    • Exposure to a diverse and international work environment
    • Possibilities for professional growth and career advancement
    • Competitive salaries and benefits packages
    • Flexible working arrangements and work-life balance initiatives
    • Access to training and development programs
    • Participation in innovative projects and research

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